About this blog!

Upon creating this directory you find me currently at the start of an egg donation cycle. Living in the UK this is an altruistic cycle donating to a good friend to help her complete her family.

As all good 21st Century women do, we have found a lot of our information, throughout the process, by looking on the internet. For more personal views and insights you can’t go far wrong with blogs. There are various blog directories on infertility, ivf and miscarriage, but so far I have found none on egg donation, and so, I have come to put this to rights!

I intend the blog to be a constant work in progress, improving links and uploading links to news stories relevant to egg donation. Sadly, I am not omnipresent so if you come across something that could perhaps live here happily amongst the information we already have, don’t be shy, send it to me! eggs@kerispring.co.uk is where you’ll find me, send links, blogs, information and any questions you may have. I’m happy to answer!

K x


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